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Park Light

The park light is suitable for council parks and gardens, car parks etc. The parklight post top is made of die cast aluminium, powder coated IP65 with clear ribbed polycarbonate lens and an...

Pipe Wall Bracket

Dasco's has a range of AUSTRALIAN MADE pipe wall brackets, available with clear acrylic or opal polyethelene spheres They all come with integral control gear, when required. Catalogue...

Plain Eyelid oval

Dasco's range of bulkheads, come with an es lampholder as standard They are made from cast aluminium Powdercoated BH602 ES BH602 26w PLC

Plain Bunker oval

Dasco's range of bulkheads, come with an es lampholder as standard Powdercoated BH604 ES BH604 26w PLC

Pluto Lantern

The Pluto lantern is manufactured from cast and spun aluminium with an opal polyethylene diffuser. It can be wall mounted or suspended on an arm to suit pole mounting. PPT500ES...

Replacement Spheres

Replacement Spheres Only available from 250mm up to 900mm in opal polyethylene available from 250mm up to 600mm clear acrylic Request a copy from our office for further detail


Dasco's range of DB shades, are used on most bowling greens, throughout Australia, they can be used as wall brackets, with the addition of a curved arm. The DS range is a different shape can be...

Spheres Black Top

Dasco has a range of acrylic canopy spheres, with a spun aluminium top, which can be put on any of the following spheres. Catalogue No PT300BT PMIPS 60w PT400BT PMIPS 80w PT500BT PMIPS...

Spheres Black Top Prismatic

Dasco has a range of  Acrylic prismatic canopy spheres, fitted with a spun aluminium black top. Supplied with a cast aluminium fitter. Pole caps to suit 60,76,80,89. Catalogue No PT400 BT...

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