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Die cast aluminium body Tempered glass lens Powder coated Black/Silver Silicon gaskets IP65 Class1 UDL160SQ220Single ES par 30w 240v UDL160SQ220Single/150MH ES 240v


Twin up down light 2  Par30 Halogen lamps Extruded aluminium body Tempered glass Silicone gaskets Powder coated IP65 Class 1 UDL160D  2 x 75w ES 240V


Diecast aluminium body Tempered glass lens Powder coated black/silver Silicon gasket IP65 Class1 UDL205/350 ES par 100w 240v


Die cast aluminium body Tempered glass lens GU 10  50w Halogen lamps Powder coated Black/Silver Silicon gasket IP65 Class1 UDL90/220 GU10 2 x 50w  240Volt

Vintage wall bracket

Vintage wall bracket utilizes our DS shades, with an aluminium curved arm and ES lampholder. DSWB300 60w DSWB350 100w DSWB400 150w DSWB450 200w Powder coat finish

Whale 250

Die cast aluminium body Powdercoated black/white/silver Tempered glass lens Integral control gear Stainless steel screws and clips IP65,Class 1 protection Symmetric Asymmetric Lamps...

Whale 330

Diecast aluminium body Powder coated black/white/silver Tempered glass lens Stainless steel screws and clips Silicon gasket Integral control gear IP65, class 1 protection  


Wall light Recessed Diecast aluminium body Powercoated Black Silicone gasket Integral control gear Frosted glass lens IP65, Class 1 protection WL2002/R26W         1...


Diecast aluminium housing Powder coated black, white Acrylic clear lenses Silicone gasket IP65 class 1 WL006/S-SQ26PLC     1 x 26W PLC

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