Post Top Sphere Opal

Our most popular lighting spheres. MADE IN AUSTRALIA
This Sphere is made from an extremely strong Polyethelyene plastic, designed to be resistant to the toughest evironments, fitted with an aluminium diecast fitter.
All spheres are fitted with integral control gear
Available in the following sizes IP55

Catalogue No
PT250OE DIA       Max Watts 40w          
PT300OE DIA      Max Watts 60w
PT350OE DIA      Max Watts 80w
PT400OE DIA      Max Watts 100w
PT450OE DIA      Max Watts 125w
PT500OE DIA      Max Watts 150w
PT550OE DIA      Max Watts 250w
PT700OE DIA      Max Watts 400w
PT900OE DIA      Max Watts 750w

All spheres have a standard ES lampholder,
Integral control gear in head when ordered

Various pole cap sizes are available 60,76,80,89 just add to end of catalogue number

eg PT250OE/ES/60PC

Control Gear Available

Mercury Vapour                 50w 80w 125w, 150w
High Pressure Sodium       50w 70w 150w 250w 400w
Metal Halide                      50w 70w 150w 250w
PL                                     9W 11w
PLC                                  13w 18w 26w 42w can be twin lamps also

LED's available on request


250 mm Diameter Sphere
Clear Spheres PMMA
Black Top Spheres
Spheres Ceiling Mount
Flod Lighting


Spheres ranging from 250mm up to 900mm