Dasco's range of DB shades, are used on most bowling greens, throughout Australia, they can be used as wall brackets, with the addition of a curved arm.
The DS range is a different shape can be used in restaurants shops for that industrial look.
They come fitted with an ES lamp holder as standard

RMDS12    Dia 306 x H197  40w-100w
RMDS14    Dia 356 x H235  150w
RMDS16    Dia 406 x H267  200w-300w
RMDS18    Dia 457 x H337  500w

RMDB12    Dia 305 x H280  150w
RMDB14    Dia 356 x H318  200w-300w
RMDB16    Dia 406 x H381  500w
RMDB18    Dia 457 x H426  750-1500w



Dia 306 x 197H